“My Natural Hair Journey began when my grandmother died. I already wore my hair as short as possible with tiny Marcel curls. The perm had damaged my hair long ago but my edges never fully​ recovered from the damage that was done. I learned how to wear my hair in certain styles so that I could camouflage the thinning area. When I received word that my grandmother died I was in a state of shock. I was so hurt by news that I did something so drastic but bold. I drove to the closet barbershop​ I could find and asked that the barber cut my hair bald…and he did! I felt reborn…I felt as if I cut off my weakness and found my strength. I do believe my grandmother would have understood my situation. She was my strength, my other mother and I loved her so much. Going natural was my therapy to help cope with the death of someone near and dear to me.”